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We carefully tailor the format of each party according to the age of the children for optimum enjoyment

Nursery to Year 2
We use balloon and sponge balls and keep the racquet skill level to a minimum concentrating on fun tennis and traditional games such as Hot potato, Dodgeball and Musical Rock Stars.

Smashing Tennis Parties have recently teamed up with Wycombe Leisure Centre to cater for much larger groups. This venue is ideal for Reception age parties - invite the whole class! - with catering provided by the Leisure centre. A no hassle option!

Year 3 to Year 6
For older children we introduce more games with racquets, team games and some competitive elements while still retaining lots of fun games such as Jailbreak, Chaos and Kings and Queens.

Party sizes


We apply the ratio of one coach to 8 children to ensure maximum enjoyment and find that a party of 16 children fits well into most village and school halls. However we can easily cater for larger groups subject to a suitable venue and can discuss this with you upon booking.

Where we operate


Smashing Tennis Parties currently operates within the Chiltern area in Buckinghamshire as shown in the map below. 

Please get in touch if if you would like us to recommend a suitable venue for your party.



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